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Wedding Choreography

Weddings are special occasions, they represent a time of joy and celebration.


However, planning a wedding can sometimes be challenging,


and at One Step Above we want to help make one of the most important aspects,


the first dance as husband and wife, worry free!!!



The ONE STEP ABOVE Wedding Experience is designed to take the concern out of the first dance with the goal of making the first dance, easy, elegant and enjoyable for the bride and groom and if requested, for the entire wedding party.


The One Step Above Wedding Experience consist of privates sessions with our expert wedding dance instructor, who helps the wedding couple develop the style of the dance that suits them best. After an initial private consultation, an assessment is made and a dance is created perfectly suited to the needs of the bride and groom.


The Benefits of the One Step Above Wedding Experience are:



• Gives the bride and groom an opportunity to create something that is their own
• Increases coordination, posture and confidence while reducing anxiety, nervousness and any awkwardness about dancing in front of friends and family
• Makes the bride and groom look good and feel good
• Establishes the foundation for dancing together for the rest of their lives
• Provides an fun activity for couples to enjoy together before their wedding
• Allows the bride and groom to take time out for one another, learn something new together and totally enjoy theexperience of dancing together




The One Step Above Wedding Experience also offers dance programs for the Parents of the bride and groom as well as the entire Wedding party. A Dance Workshop can also be specially designed for them on or before the night of your rehearsal dinner.




Also inquire about our performance packages for your wedding reception or rehearsal dinner. The One Step Above Dance Company is guaranteed to entertain you guests during dinner or after the cake cutting ceremony.


For classes, private lessons, choreography, appearances or performance information and bookings call 404.923.0313

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