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Relationship & Team Building

Ballroom Dancing,  Line Dancing, and Chicago Steppin' are three of the most time-honored, and fun-filled methods for building community and a shared sense of trust among people, making it perfect for instilling team spirit in a corporate environment.

Relationship/Team Building Activities are designed to help groups develop effective communication & problem-solving skills.A team is a group of people who are jointly responsible for achieving a shared goal. If one member fails then, it can hinder the achievement of the collective goal. Even if the members fulfill their individual roles, but they don't work synergistically, then they may not fulfill their potential or achieve as much as they could.The same is to be said about relationships.The most important foundation you can lay, when building better relationships is that of common understanding and commitment to the shared goal. The One Step Above “Relationship/Team Building through Dance” stimulates growth, builds confidence, enhances communication and shapes personal relationships in any working environment by using dance as the vehicle.

One of the most important components of dance is the lead/follow relationship. For a dance to work, partners share responsibility; both the leader and the follower need to use their sight, touch, feeling, momentum, weight shift, kinesthetic awareness, and sometimes verbal and nonverbal communication to dance/perform well together. Developing this level of trust in each other, and awareness of another person improves relationships on and off the dance floor. More can be accomplished in one 3 minute dance than in hours of other team building training!!!

The Benefits of the One Step Above Relationship/Team Building Experience are:

• Stress team enthusiasm
• Building self-esteem
• Develops a heightened sensitivity and concern for others
• Increases Team Synergy
• Enhances Connections
• Cultivates Mutual Trust
• Improves Communication
• Experience Success
• Practicing Effective Listening and Communication Skills
• Increases Creativity and Ability to Improvise
• Do Something You Didn’t Know You Could Do
• Encourage The Heart and Passion With a Team
• Individual Achievement Within the Context of a Team
• Valuing Everyone’s Contribution
• Creates an Atmosphere Where Healthy Risk Taking is Fun!

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