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Step 1. Register for this event by visiting
Once we receive your Registration Form and Payment of $30, we'll send you an e-mail confirmation of your
registration. If we don’t receive your Registration Form and Payment before the specified deadline, you may
be added to our waiting list.


Step 2. Sign In:
Plan to arrive no later than 12:30pm. to sign-in. Phase 1 begins promptly at 1:00 pm.


Step 3. The Waiting List:
To ensure an even balance of men and women, if you do not sign in before the event starts, your spot may
be given to the top name on the waiting list.
If you are on the waiting list, we ask that you arrive 30-45 minutes before the start time and let us know that
you are present. Keep your fingers crossed...a spot may become available. (We may also contact you before
the event if we receive a cancellation.)

The Big Event!
At the event each participant a Welcome Pack: including a name tag (with your first name and a number only) and Score
Card. Light drinks and snacks will be available.

Ground Rules:
Ground Rules are important to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable time.


RULE #1. Attend all 3 Phases
RULE #2. Be respectful of self
RULE #3. Be respectful of others

RULE #4. Communicate through HANDS

We will review the Ground Rules again at the event, a few minutes before entering into Phase 1.

RULE #5. Don’t quit

RULE #6. Count!

RULE #7. Have fun

Phase 1 - Gender Separated Instructional

Phase 2 – The Dance/Date Segment

Phase 3 – The Mini Set (Dance Party)

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